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May 31, 2017   

Get Involved in Pain-Related Rule-Making & Research Strategy



Two upcoming opportunities to make your voice heard in federal rulemaking and research strategies related to chronic pain management and opioid treatments for pain:

From the Federal Food & Drug Administration:

The FDA is announcing the availability of draft revisions to their "FDA Education Blueprint for Health Care Providers Involved in the Management or Support of Patients with Pain," which broadens the current Blueprint to include information on pain management, including:

  • the principles of acute and chronic pain management;
  • non-pharmacologic treatments for pain; and
  • pharmacologic treatments for pain (both opioid and non-opioid).

The Blueprint is part of the FDA-approved risk evaluation and mitigation strategy for extended release and long-acting opioid analgesics. The FDA is seeking comment on the draft revisions; comments must be submitted by July 10, 2017.

Find the draft Blueprint and information on how to submit your comments here.

From the Interagency Pain Research Coordinating Committee and the NINDS Office of Pain Policy

Tune into this free videocast of the Federal Pain Research Strategy Forum (Thursday, June 1, 12:45pm ET) to hear about the Draft Federal Pain Research Strategy (FPRS). The videocast is free and no registration is required. It is scheduled to start immediately after the Annual NIH Pain Consortium Symposium, which will feature presentations on multidisciplinary strategies for the management of pain.

The FPRS is an effort of the IPRCC and the NINDS Office of Pain Policy to oversee development of a long-term strategic plan for pain research. A diverse and balanced group of scientific experts, patient advocates, and federal representatives identified and prioritized research recommends as the basis of this draft long-term strategy plan. View the Draft FPRS here, and submit comments by email (FPRS_PublicComments@mail.nih.gov) from May 25-June 6.

Read more here. . .

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EHR-DARE CTN-0071 Reminder: Complete your online survey by May 31st! Your participation will help improve future substance use disorder research and CTN collaborations! For more information, contact Micki Roseman at micki.roseman@duke.edu.

CTN Trial Progress

GraphStudy results for Open Studies as of the May 24 trial Progress Report.

CTN-0050 - Long Term Follow-up to CTN-0027: Enrolled 877 (original N=1,267 START Study participants)

CTN-0051 - X-BOT (Extended Release Naltrexone vs. Buprenorphine for Opioid Treatment). Enrolled 570

CTN-0051-A2 - Detoxification TAU. Enrolled 211

CTN-0056-Ot - Testing and Linkage to HIV Care in China. Enrolled 478

CTN-0064 - Linkage to HCV Care. Enrolled 113

CTN-0068 - ADAPT-2 for Methamphetamine Use Disorder. Enrolled 1

CTN-0069 - OUD in the Emergency Department. Enrolled 16

Total Enrolled in all Studies: 24,236

This project is supported by a grant from the National Institute on Drug Abuse to the University of Washington Alcohol and Drug Abuse Institute, but the information on this site has not been reviewed by NIDA and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Institute.

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New from the CTN Dissemination Library

journal coversCall for Papers! Addictive Behaviors is now accepting submissions for a special issue, Prevention and Treatment of Opioid Overdose and Opioid-Use Disorders. Papers may include epidemiological, laboratory-based, or community-based research on prevention and/or treatment of opioid overdose, misuse of opioids, and opioid-use disorders. The submission deadline is September 1, 2017. Read more and find out how to submit your paper here. . .

New in the Digital Library

journal coversHigh Mortality Among Patients with Opioid Use Disorder in a Large Healthcare System. Hser Y, et al. Journal of Addiction Medicine 2017 (in press). Get article. . .

Psychosocial Relationship Status and Quality as Predictors of Intervention Adherence and Substance Use Outcomes: Results from the STRIDE (CTN-0037) Study. Trombello JM, et al. Psychiatry Research 2017 (in press). Get article. . .

Temporal Relationship of Sex Risk Behaviors and Substance Use Severity Among Men in Substance Use Treatment. Newville H., et al. Journal of Sex Research 2017 (in press). Get article. . .

Racial and Ethnic Differences in Treatment Outcomes Among Adults with Stimulant Use Disorders After a Dosed Exercise Intervention. Journal of Ethnicity in Substance Abuse 2017 (in press). Get article. . .

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News from the Northeast Node

On Thursday, May 18, 2017, the Northeast Node hosted its bi-monthly Science Series with a presentation by Dr. Steven H. Chapman on integrating the SBIRT (Screening, Brief Intervention, Referral to Treatment) model into a pediatric primary care practice.

In his roles as medical director of Boyle Community Pediatrics, physician at the Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth (CHaD), and President of the New Hampshire Pediatric Society, Dr. Chapman and his team have worked to integrate the SBIRT model into practice flow, allowing them to identify adolescents who may be at-risk or in need of additional services for substance use and mental health problems.

Nationally, pediatricians receive over 200 discrete health advice directives for patient visits, and if a pediatrician were to follow all of those, a 4-year-old well child visit would last three and a half hours. By integrating a screening tool, performing a brief intervention, and referring to internal or external treatments when needed, doctors can individualize treatment while still meeting the intentions of those directives.

Many practices don’t screen patients for substance use and mental health problems because they perceive it to take up too much time, but Dr. Chapman and his team have worked to integrate the screening process to be done in the waiting room, so patients and providers are more prepared to discuss these problems and how they are impacting the patient’s life and larger health picture without sacrificing valuable clinic time. The screener is completed on a tablet and is integrated into the e lectronic medical record.

Dr. Chapman, who was recently named President of the New Hampshire Pediatric Society, is a Core Investigator of the Northeast Node.

A recording of this Science Series presentation can be found on our website. Follow the Northeast Node on Twitter and Facebook.

Update from the Addiction Technology Transfer Center (ATTC)

ATTC Messenger May 2017: Hepatitis Awareness Month: Researcher Dr. Ryan Westergaard Studies the Factors that Help Patients Remain in Treatment.

ATTC/NIATx Service Improvement Blog: Marijuana Legalization is a Process and We Haven't Reached the Midway Point.

Two upcoming events: (see more on these below)

National Cannabis Summit, August 28-30, Denver, CO.

National Frontier and Rural ATTC 5th Annual Technology Summit, July 27-29, Reno, NV.

More from the ATTC. . .

News from the New England Consortium Node

Addictions 2017 Conference

Researchers affiliated with the New England Consortium Node recently delivered talks at the Addictions 2017 Conference presented by McLean Hospital, Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse and held in Cambridge, MA on May 5-6.

The conference was a well-attended event with over 400 attendees from Massachusetts, New England, the northeast, as well as from other parts of the world, including Brazil. Kimberly A. Johnson, Ph.D., Director of the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment at SAMHSA was the keynote speaker on the first day of the conference and delivered an engaging presentation on "What is High-Quality Treatment for Substance Use Disorders?"

Roger Weiss, MD (McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School) presented a talk on "Pharmacotherapy for Alcohol Use Disorders." Shelly F. Greenfield, MD, MPH (McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School) presented a talk on "Treating Women with Substance Use Disorders." Hilary Connery, MD, PhD (McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School) delivered a talk on "Medication Treatment for Opioid Use Disorders." Richard Saitz, MD, MPH (Boston University School of Medicine) presented a talk on "Brief Interventions for Unhealthy Substance Use: What is the Evidence."

CTN-0069 Opioid Use Disorder in the Emergency Department Study

Gail D’Onofrio, M.D., M.S. along with David Fiellin, M.D. and their team at Yale University are leading the CTN-0069 protocol Opioid Use Disorder in the Emergency Department. Together with staff from EMMES and NIDA, study training was completed in April and Johns Hopkins Hospital enrolled their first patient on 4/11/2017.

News from the CTN DSC & CCC at EMMES

The 38th Annual Meeting of the Society for Clinical Trials was held from May 15-18 in Liverpool, United Kingdom.

The meeting was well attended by experts and professionals from academia, the pharmaceutical and device industries, government agencies, and clinical research entities.

Our Emmes staff (DSC and CCC) had good representation at this meeting this year; a total of 7 abstracts were accepted from the team, who presented posters and paper sessions.

Topics of the 7 posters and presentations included: best practices for study drug management, considering sex as a biological variable in research design/analysis/reporting, informed consent processes, the CTN's training documentation form, leveraging electronic data capture, tailoring a website to support a clinical research network, and quality control of DSTM domain mappings.

To view a complete list of the posters and papers, click here. . .

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Trainings, Webinars, Conferences

National Frontier and Rural ATTC (NFAR) Technology Summit, Reno, NV, July 26-28

The theme of this year's summit will be "No More Excuses: Implementing Technology to Improve SUD Services." The goal is for attendees to gain usable skills and knowledge related to how technology can expand and enhance treatment and recovery services to improve client outcomes. Registration is free! Read more and register here. . .

Training Institute for Dissemination and Implementation Research in Health, 2017

The National Cancer Institute, in coordination with additional National Institutes of Health Institutes and Centers and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, are hosting this training institute to provide participants with a thorough grounding in conducting D&I research in health across all areas of health and health care. Applications period open through June 21, 2017!

In 2017, the Institute will use a combination of a 4-month online course between August 14-November 17, 2017, and a 2 day in-person training November 30-December 1 in Bethesda. Read more and apply here. . .

National Cannabis Summit, August 28-20, 2017, Denver, Colorado

The National Cannabis Summit, sponsored by the ATTC Network, Advocates for Human Potential, and the National Council for Behavioral Health, is a national forum for the shifting landscape of public policy, public health, treatment and research related to marijuana legalization and decriminalization. It is an ideal opportunity to gather and share knowledge for public policymakers, elected officials, legislators, health care providers, addiction treatment and recovery specialists, prevention professionals, youth-serving organizations, and other stakeholders. Read more and register here. . .

Registration now open for:

UCLA Summer Institute on Longitudinal Research & International Global Health Conference, August 15-27, 2017, Universal City, CA

Addiction Health Services Research Conference, October 18-20, 2017, Madison, WI

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This project is supported by a grant from the National Institute on Drug Abuse to the University of Washington Alcohol & Drug Abuse Institute, but the information on this site has not been reviewed by NIDA and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Institute.

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