Medical Cannabis Use Among Primary Care Patients: Using Electronic Health Records to Study Large Populations

Co-Lead Investigator
Gwen Lapham, PhD, MPH
Group Health Research Institute

Co-Lead Investigator
Katharine Bradley, MD, MPH
Group Health Reseach Institute

The objective of the proposed rapid response research, in a state with legal medical and nonmedical cannabis use, is to better understand medical use of cannabis in a single large health system that routinely asks primary care patients about the frequency of past-year cannabis use. Specific aims are to: 1) Develop and validate a natural language processing (NLP) algorithm to identify electronic health record (EHR)-documented medical cannabis use, 2) Describe patients with EHR-documented medical cannabis use and compare them to patients with other types of cannabis use, and 3) Describe patient experience of medical cannabis use among patients with EHR-documentation of its use.



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