Update on CTN-0100 (RDD)

The PAR Team smiling in front of a sign on their office door that reads Operation PAR, Dr. Frank Tims, Study Center.

In June, the CTN-0100 Project Team launched a month-long BINGO challenge aimed at boosting recruitment and retention across the 18 study sites. BINGO squares included hitting (or exceeding!) randomization targets for the month, reuniting with a missing participant, completing two randomizations in one day, and establishing a relationship with a new referring partner.

The Operation PAR site (pictured) from the Florida Node Alliance was the first site to “BINGO,” just 6 days into the challenge! Five additional sites achieved “BINGO” by the end of the month.

We thank all of the CTN-0100 sites for their continued diligence on this project!

Check out the BINGO sheet used for this challenge here!

Posted July 26, 2023