Webinars for CTN Members

The NIDA Clinical Coordinating Center provides online trainings throughout the year for CTN members.

You can also get updates on past and future webinars convened by the NIDA Clinical Coordinating Center as well as others coordinated by the CCTN, by following the What’s New blog or our Facebook page.

Newest webinar: Research 101: CTN Nodes – Leveraging Partners and Resources in Clinical Trials (February 2024)

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CSAT/CTN Webinar Series

This 2016-2017 webinar series focused on a range of topics related to CTN collaborations with CSAT.

Dissemination Workshops

These workshops, organized by members of the CTN Research Utilization Committee (RUC) highlight different methods CTPs have used to dissemination evidence-based treatment into their practice settings.

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All available workshops, webinars, and trainings in the CTN Dissemination Library

The Northeast Node’s Science Series (webinars)

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