New in the Library: August-September 2023

New in the Library

Here are the latest items added to the CTN Dissemination Library for August-September 2023 (this post will be updated as new items come in):

Capturing Drug Use Patterns at a Glance: An n-ary Word Sufficient Statistic for Repeated Univariate Categorical Values. Odom GJ, et al. PLoS One 2023 (in press). CTN-0094

Prevalence of Cannabis Use Disorder and Reasons for Use Among Adults in a US State Where Recreational Cannabis Use is Legal. Lapham GT, et al. JAMA Network Open 2023;6(8):e2328934. CTN-0077-Ot

Integrative Data Analysis of Clinical Trials Network Studies to Examine the Impact of Psychosocial Treatments for Black People Who Use Cocaine: Study Protocol. Haeny AM, et al. Contemporary Clinical Trials 2023 (in press). CTN-0125

Naltrexone Plus Bupropion Reduces Cigarette Smoking in Individuals with Methamphetamine Use Disorder: A Secondary Analysis from the CTN ADAPT-2 Trial. Schmitz JM, et al. Journal of Substance Use and Addiction Treatment 2023;151:208987. NIDA-CTN-0068

Association Between Cannabis Use Disorder Symptom Severity and Probability of Clinically-Documented Diagnosis and Treatment in a Primary Care Sample. Matson TE, et al. Drug and Alcohol Dependence 2023:110946 (in press). CTN-0077-Ot

Posted August 25, 2023