New in the CTN Library: September-October 2023

New in the Library

Here are the latest items added to the CTN Dissemination Library for September-October 2023 (this post will be updated as new items come in):

Potential Effect of Antidepressants on Remission from Cocaine Use Disorder — A Nationwide Matched Retrospective Cohort Study. Gao Z, et al. Drug & Alcohol Dependence 2023;251:110958. CTN-0114

Individual-Level Risk Prediction of Return to Use During Opioid Use Disorder Treatment. Luo SX, et al. JAMA Psychiatry 2023 (in press). CTN-0027, CTN-0030, CTN-0051

Training Opportunities to Leverage the CTN Network. Crump A. Webinar presented at the NIDA Steering Committee Meeting, September 18, 2023.

Implementation of Substance Use Screening in Rural Federally-Qualified Health Center Clinics Identified High Rates of Unhealthy Alcohol and Cannabis Use Among Adult Primary Care Patients. McNeely J, et al. Addiction Science & Clinical Practice 2023;18(1):56. CTN-0062

Identifying Patients with Opioid Use Disorder Using International Classification of Diseases (ICD) Codes: Challenges and Opportunities. Osterhage KP, et al. Addiction 2023 (in press). CTN-0102

Associations Between Stimulant Use and Return to Illicit Opioid Use Following Initiation onto Medication for Opioid Use Disorder. Foot C, et al. Addiction 2023 (in press). CTN-0051, CTN-0067

Posted on September 20, 2023; updated September 28, 2023