New in the CTN Library: October-November 2023

New in the Library

Here are the latest items added to the CTN Dissemination Library for October-November 2023 (this post will be updated as new items come in):

Prescription Opioid Dose Reductions and Potential Adverse Events: A Multi-Site Observational Cohort Study in Diverse US Health Systems. Metz VE, et al. Journal of General Internal Medicine 2023 (in press). CTN-0084

Nurse Care Management for Opioid Use Disorder Treatment: The PROUD Cluster Randomized Clinical Trial. Wartko PD, et al. JAMA Internal Medicine 2023:3235701 (in press). CTN-0074

Assessment of Screening Tools to Identify Substance Use Disorders Among Adolescents. Levy S, et al. JAMA Network Open 2023;6(5):e2314422.

Research Priorities for Expansion of Opioid Use Disorder Treatment in the Community Pharmacy. Jarrett JB, et al. Substance Abuse 2023;44(4):264-276.

Treatment Initiation, Substance Use Trajectories, and the Social Determinants of Health in Persons Living With HIV Seeking Medication for Opioid Use Disorder. Cook RR, et al. Substance Abuse 2023 (in press). CTN-0067

Stakeholder Perspectives on a Telemedicine Referral and Coordination Model to Expand Medication Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder in Rural Primary Care Clinics. Ober AJ, et al. Journal of Substance Use & Addiction Treatment 2024;156:209194.

Prevalence of Cannabis Use Disorder and Reasons for Use Among Adults in a US State Where Recreational Cannabis Use is Legal. Lapham GT, et al. JAMA Network Open 2023;6(8):e2328934. CTN-0077-Ot