Migration to New CTNTPR.com Website

The DSC is in the process of migrating to a brand new CTN website hosting Trial Progress Reports (TPR), study documents, and other resources, which is anticipated to go live March 4. 

Existing active user accounts will remain intact, and users will retain the same permissions on the new website. Once the site goes “live,” users will be automatically navigated to the new site. However, please note that all users will be prompted to login and will need to set a new password. Users will enter their email address to request a new password. This will generate an email prompting users to set a new password and login.

The new ctntpr.com website will include all of the same content and functionality as the existing website, with the exception of the training quiz functionality and some archived reports that will be permanently archived. Please contact the DSC Help Desk ctndsc2help@emmes.com for questions related to archived reports, or contact ctntraining@emmes.com for questions related to quiz reports.

Posted on February 15, 2024