Artificial Intelligence in Medicine & Imaging (AIMI) Symposium 2024 (May 15, Free, @ Stanford and Online)

AIMI Symposium 2024

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are redefining the boundaries of medicine, unleashing potential like never before to ensure better health for all.

Sponsored by the Stanford University Center for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine & Imagining (AIMI), the FREE AIMI Symposium serves as their flagship annual meeting, focusing on the pioneering developments and significant strides in AI that are shaping the future of healthcare. They will highlight cutting-edge research and methods, showcase current and emerging real-world clinical applications, and address critical issues related to fairness and societal impact. 

This symposium serves as a pivotal forum for researchers, clinicians, policymakers, and anyone passionate about the future of healthcare to confront existing challenges, bridge critical gaps, and champion evidence-based strategies that advance health outcomes. Join the Center for AIMI in shaping a collaborative future where AI in health leads with groundbreaking research, innovative application, and a commitment to advancing health for all.

This event will be held both at Stanford and online on May 15, 2024. REGISTRATION IS FREE!

Find more information on the #AIMI24 website.