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CTN-0129 Team presents at National Indian Health Board Conference

Investigators and collaborating community partners for CTN-0129 “The Great Plains Initiative” presented a discussion panel about the study at the National Indian Health Board conference on May 22, 2024 in Rapid City, SD.

The panel was moderated by Brynn Luger, PhD and included Lead Investigator Donald Warne, MD, MPH, T. John Winhusen, PhD, Gene Tyon, MA of Oaye Luta Okolakiciye, Barbara Dull Knife, BS of Wakanyeia Gluwitayan Otipi, and Ellen Durkin MSW of South Dakota Urban Indian Health. Allison Kelliher, MD joined the panel via Zoom.

CTN-0129 Team

Dr. Warne

CTN-0129 Great Plains Initiative Panel