CTN-0031-A-3: Organizational and Practitioner Influences on Implementation of STAGE-12

Dennis McCarty, Ph.D.
Co-Lead Investigator
Oregon Health & Science University

Joseph Guydish, Ph.D.
Co-Lead Investigator

Institute for Health Policy Studies
University of California, San Francisco

This project, in collaboration with NIDA DESPR, examines the organizational and counselor level factors that influence the eventual implementation of findings from the STAGE-12 clinical trial.  Initial data collection at each of the sites took place prior to selection or training of study clinicians.  Counselors and supervisors completed six research instruments and one semi-structured interview.  This baseline data collection supported the development of an R01 application to conduct secondary analyses and evaluate implementation of the STAGE-12 intervention in the participating treatment centers during the protocol and after protocol completion.

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