CTN-0039-S: Gender Differences in the Prevalence and Predictors of HIV Risk Behaviors

Audrey Brooks, PhD
Lead Investigator
University of Arizona, Department of Psychology

The specific aims of this secondary analysis of data from five CTN trials (see Related Studies, below) were to: (1) examine gender differences in HIV risk behaviors, and (2) test whether multiple risk factors for HIV risk behaviors differ by gender.  Data was aggregated across the five trials in order to obtain a large, ethnically and geographically diverse treatment sample.  Pooling data across protocols allowed us to systematically examine multiple HIV risk factors with a sufficient sample size to examine gender differences.

Primary Findings

Greater alcohol use and psychiatric severity were associated with higher risk behaviors for women, while impaired social relations were associated with decreased risk for men.  Specific risk factors were differentially predictive of HIV risk behaviors for women and men, highlighting the need for gender-specific risk-reduction interventions.

Results Article: Brooks AJ, et al. Gender differences in the rates and correlates of HIV risk behaviors among drug abusers. Substance Use & Misuse 2010;45(14):2444-2469. [get article]