CTN-0064-A-1: Determination of Cause of Death Among HIV-Infected Substance Users Enrolled in Project Hope: A 4-Year Follow-Up

Mamta Jain, MD, MPH
Lead Investigator
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

This study seeks to determine: 1) if the primary and secondary causes of death among CTN-0049/64 participants were due to AIDS, liver disease, substance use, or non-AIDS comorbidities, 2) if there are differences in primary and secnodary causes of death among those with and without hepatitis C. Furthermore, the study aims to determine risk factors for all-cause mortality based on baseline CTN-0049/64 data and follow-up health services data. An HIV-specific mortality index will be developed to help clinicians and public health officials determine who is at the highest risk for mortality in three years.

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