CTN-0078-Ot: Knowledge of and Attitudes About Medication Assisted Treatment Within American Indian Communities

Sandra Radin, PhD
Principal Investigator

Addictions, Drug & Alcohol Institute, University of Washington

Dennis Donovan, PhD & Dennis Wendt, PhD

Addictions, Drug & Alcohol Institute, University of Washington
ddonovan@uw.edu and dcwendt@uw.edu

This study, in partnership with two American Indian tribes in the Pacific Northwest, addresses critical barriers in the implementation of medication assisted treatment (MAT) for opioid use disorder (OUD). MAT approaches have been shown to substantially improve outcomes for OUD patients, yet provider and patient biases against MAT and organizational barriers to MAT use are widespread, particularly within tribal communities where there is a strong preference toward total abstinence as a goal. The study aim is to identify knowledge and perceptions of MAT approaches and barriers/facilitators for implementation and sustained use. Study results will inform future clinical efforts to tailor MAT for high need, low resource American Indian/Alaska Native (AIAN) populations.

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