CTN-0120: R-MIST: Remote Methadone Ingestion Surveillance Trial

Madhukar H. Trivedi, MD
Lead Investigator
University of Texas, Southwestern Medical Center

The Remote Methadone Ingestion Surveillance Trial (R-MIST) aims to evaluate the performance and acceptability of two different methods of remote methadone ingestion surveillance that may mitigate patient safety risks of take-home methadone treatment regimens for opioid use disorder (OUD) while minimizing the risk of diversion. Data describing the monitoring performance and patient acceptability of these two methods will inform investigators of the feasibility of using remote surveillance technology to monitor medication for OUD and mitigate treatment barriers. This study will lay the groundwork for a safe and robust remotely monitored methadone treatment platform that addresses long-standing accessibility and acceptability barriers to treatment for OUD. Specifically, the study aims to 1) characterize the monitoring performance of two different adherence tracking methodologies (T-RMIST and L-RMIST; Tablet- and Liquid-based) and 2) to evaluate the accessibility, privacy, and general acceptability of these adherence tracking methodologies to address current barriers to OUD treatment using survey-based assessments.

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