CTN-0123: Facebook Intervention for Preventing Opioid Relapse Among American Indian Women

Christi A. Patten, PhD
Lead Investigator
Mayo Clinic

AIAN gender-specific interventions for OUD do not exist. Research has documented the positive impact of social networks and social support on abstinence from substance use. However, understanding how best to leverage social support remains a key challenge for the addictions treatment field. Consistent with the AIAN cultural value of interdependence, social media formed groups to prevent opioid relapse could lead to greater adoption and sustainability by encouraging collaborative efforts across generations of AIAN women and leveraging community resilience for coping with stress. The overall objective of this one-year, Phase I, pilot preparatory study is to develop and beta-test a Facebook intervention for reducing opioid relapse among AIAN women. This project was designed with community partners at the MN Indian Women’s Resource Center (MIWRC). A study-specific community advisory committee (CAC) will guide all project activities.

At the advice of the CAC, a Native Elder woman named the study Wiidookaage’win which means “the place for help and time for helping” in Ojibwe and reflects healing and community. A local Native artist developed the above original art for the study logo and Facebook posts.

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