CTN-0124: Assessment and Design of a Cost-Effective Collaborative MOUD Delivery System

Gavin Bart, MD, PhD
Co-Lead Investigator

University of Minnesota

David Gustafson, PhD
Co-Lead Investigator
University of Wisconsin-Madison

This small pilot study will utilize interviews of commercial pharmacy administrators and staff to explore the feasibility of scaling up access to medications for opioid use disorder (MOUD) through pharmacies. Using a system design model approach, we will identify barriers and facilitators to this scale up and explore differences in feasibility by MOUD type (e.g., methadone, transmucosal buprenorphine, injectable buprenorphine, injectable naltrexone). The data from this study will be used to help design a sustainable system that enables pharmacy-clinician collaboration to widely and cost-effectively increase MOUD access across urban, suburban, and rural settings.

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