CTN-0134: Buprenorphine-Precipitated Withdrawal Hotspots and Correlates: Identifying Regional “Hotspots” and Potential Correlates of Precipitated Withdrawal During Buprenorphine Induction in Fentanyl Users Through Prescriber Survey Responses and Patient Urine Drug Test Results

LaTrice Montgomery, PhD
Co-Lead Investigator

Center for Addiction Research, Addiction Sciences Division
Department of Psychiatry, College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati

T. John Winhusen, PhD
Co-Lead Investigator

University of Cincinnati
Addiction Sciences Division

This study aims to 1) characterize the regional variability in the prevalence of prescriber-reported precipitated withdrawal during buprenorphine induction for individuals using fentanyl in > 250 counties in the US and 2) identify potential correlates of buprenorphine-precipitated withdrawal in fentanyl users.

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  • Ohio Valley Node