CTN American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) SIG

The National Institute on Drug Abuse, Clinical Trials Network, American Indian and Alaska Native Special Interest Group (NIDA CTN AI/AN SIG) provides a forum for AI/AN and ally researchers, clinicians, educators, community members, and NIDA representatives to engage in critical dialogue regarding current concerns and priorities related to the prevention and treatment of substance use, co-occurring mental health, and other life challenges.

We work to promote wellness and good health in AI/AN communities. We meet via video-conference (or phone is an option for all) on a monthly or bi-monthly basis dependent on need.

Join the AI/AN mailing list!

Get updates on AI/AN SIG-related work by joining our mailing list. Send your contact info to Sean Randol.

Who is welcome?

You! Anyone with an interest in learning more about promoting wellness and good health to address substance use in AI/AN populations is welcome! While some members are AI/AN, many are non-Native allies.


How can I benefit from being a part of this group?

The AI/AN SIG offers the opportunity to collaborate with a diverse set of individuals to learn and contribute through:

  • Regular presentations on issues relevant to AI/AN substance use and health
  • Development and submission of manuscripts
  • Informing new research with AI/AN populations
  • Building relationships with AI/AN communities


Each of the 3 co-chairs facilitates a workgroup within the SIG.  These workgroups are open to anyone who has interest in joining. 

Data Use and Sharing Workgroup – focuses on methods for respecting Tribal sovereignty and receiving all relevant permissions when collecting data from Tribal nations, as well as ensuring all information shared is done so in a way that respects Native cultures and acknowledges the contribution of Tribal partners. Contact – Paulette Baukol

Inclusion in Clinical Trial Research and Practice – focuses on engaging Tribal communities and investigators to identify areas of local concern, to collaborate in developing research concepts that address those concerns, and to work with CTN investigators to promote appropriate inclusion and representation of AI/AN populations in studies that are not Native-specific. Contact – Sandra Radin

Publications and Promotions Workgroup – focuses on developing forums for sharing information relevant to Tribal communities, which may include the development of publications, developing other written information for distribution, presentations both within and outside of the CTN, and/or sharing other helpful information with colleagues and Tribal partners. Contact – Frankie Kropp