The Youth Special Interest Group (SIG) provides a forum for the exchange of information on drug abuse prevention and treatment of adolescents and young adults.  The SIG sponsors a series of lectures from senior investigators and provides the opportunity for early career scientists to hone their presentations skills, share their research, and obtain input on their work. The SIG offers mentoring and consultation for early career scientists, and explores opportunities for developing research on youth drug use prevention and treatment within and outside the CTN. 

The Youth SIG recognizes that no epidemic was ever successfully controlled by purely treating cases.  An essential aspect of controlling epidemics is to reduce the number of new cases.  Because drug use overwhelmingly begins in adolescence, the only way to end the opioid and other substance use disorder epidemics is by reducing the number of youth who use substances and reducing the number of youth who progress to more serious use. 

Bimonthly Seminar Series

The Youth SIG hosts bimonthly seminars via Zoom at 11am Eastern approximately every other 3rd Friday.  

Watch previous seminars:

Youth SIG Co-Chairs

Jose Szapocznik 
University of Miami 

Lisa Marsch 
Dartmouth College 

To join or to be informed about the CTN Youth SIG, please contact: 
Renae Schmidt, University of Miami