CTN-0009: Smoking Cessation Treatment with Transdermal Nicotine Replacement Therapy in Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Programs

Malcolm Reid, PhD
Lead Investigator
Department of Psychiatry
New York University School of Medicine

John Rotrosen, MD
Protocol Contact

New York University School of Medicine

Nicotine dependence is common among drug and alcohol dependent patients.  This multi-site trial evaluated the effectiveness of smoking-cessation treatment with transdermal nicotine patch replacement (SC) as an adjunct to treatment-as-usual for illicit substance abuse (TAU).  Cigarette smokers from five methadone-maintenance clinics and two drug and alcohol dependence treatment programs were randomly assigned to receive either SC as an adjunct to usual care or TAU.  SC consisted of 1 week of group counseling before the target quit date and 8 weeks of group counseling plus transdermal nicotine patch replacement treatment after the target quit date. 

Primary Findings

Smoking abstinence rates in the SC group were greater during treatment and at the 13- and 26-week follow-up visits, compared to the usual care group.  Also, the SC group exhibited greater reductions in cigarettes smoked per day, cigarette craving, nicotine withdrawal, and exhaled carbon monoxide levels, compared to the usual care group.  SC did not differ from TAU on abstinence from the primary substance of abuse, rates of retention in substance abuse treatment, and craving for primary substance of abuse.  Compliance with SC was moderate at best, and was positively associated with rates of smoking abstinence.  

Smoking cessation treatment improved smoking abstinence and reduced daily smoking without having an adverse effect on substance abuse rehabilitation when given at the same time as outpatient substance abuse treatment.  Substance abuse treatment programs should not be hesitant to implement SC for patients seeking treatment for substance use disorders.

Primary Outcomes Article: Reid M, et al. Smoking cessation treatment in community-based substance abuse rehabilitation programs. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment 2008;35(1):68-77. [get article]

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