Southern Consortium Node

Kathleen T. Brady, MD, PhD [email]
Principal Investigator

Medical University of South Carolina
Department of Psychiatry
67 President St., MSC 861
Charleston, SC 29425

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The Southern Consortium Node (formerly the “South Carolina Node,” renamed in 2005) joined the Clinical Trials Network in September 2000 and includes South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi. The consortium was formed to help facilitate promulgation of CTN findings and provide a larger pool of potential CTN research sites. The CTPs of the Southern Consortium provide services to adults and adolescents in both rural and urban areas and represent a wide range of treatment settings and modalities including 12-step, family therapy, medication management, inpatient detoxification, drug court, narcotic replacement therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Grantee InstitutionMedical University of South Carolina